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Your Local Property and Tenancy support specialist.


* New/ Existing Tenant(s) or Landlord(s)

Who is On Key Inspections ?

* New/ Existing Tenant(s) or Landlord(s)

- Do you need help with understanding your Lease Agreement and your obligations as a Tenant or Landlord? 


- To assist in completing your paperwork, Condition Report  or Lease Agreement?

- Need some help with what Maintenances or repairs are your responsibility as a Tenant or a Landlord?

-  TENANTS - Want to keep your Leasing agency happy with how you maintain the Rental Property. On Key Inspections can attend your property prior to your Routine Inspection and assist with identifying areas that may need attention.

- You are having trouble in finding a rental property or somewhere to stay long term?

- LANDLORDS - Need an Agency to manager your investment properties ?

'On Key Inspections' will be your answer.....


On Key inspections is a 

UNIQUE Property & Tenancy Agency,

that has 2 prime objectives:

1. Supporting our Landlords with their investment successfully

2. Supporting our Tenants to sustain their Rental for the long term with good tenant history.



** Tenancy Support **

Who is On Key Inspections ?

* New/ Existing Tenant(s) or Landlord(s)


Have someone to complete your entry condition report for you, and capture all the information that will help you at the end of your Tenancy.

3 bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Garage from $95

Terms & Conditions may apply


Who is On Key Inspections ?

Who is On Key Inspections ?

Who is On Key Inspections ?

We are a qualified Real Estate Agency - Fully Licenced, Accredited, insured, in  NSW & QLD.

   We are here to assist and support Tenants, Landlords , Real Estate Agencies and Community Housing Departments, including NDIS Participants with their Leasing needs, obligations, property Management, Inspection Processes for Rental Properties.

Our Vision is to ensure our clients understand the Rental obligations and are correctly supported throughout the entire Rental process.


We provide an individualised Property & Tenancy Service to support our clients to achieve the greatest outcome of securing their own accommodation and to assist them in sustaining their HOME long term.

Landlords, we want you to feel proud that your investment is growing towards your financial goals and that your property has become someone's home and  it is loved by your tenant, just as much as the day it was purchased by you.

For other type of inspections or Tenancy needs or Obligation Assistance.

It's just at standard fee or hourly rate for our service provided, it may vary depending on what type of assistance you require, fees are able to be negotiated for continually business.  

We also offer loyalty discounts for multiple business opportunities. 



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